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Color of the Week... Buttercup

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, July 24, 2014


Ummmm Buttercup! One of those amazing wildflowers that grow all over the Metolious River and remind me of being a kid and running along the edge of the water. It is also a lovely Kona Solid. 





Have a great day!!!

Color of the Week... Fresh Dew

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fresh Dew

Fresh Dew.... that soft green that reminds me of sprouting flora and fauna in the spring. Early morning droplets of dew resting on delicate leaves of summer. Kinda minty but with a little yellow pop mixed in the green.







Happy Summer....
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Color of the week Cinnamon

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, July 10, 2014



I love cinnamon in my Americano first thing in the very yummy! Besides the lovely flavor there is the smell of cinnamon and the color.....I find brown and brownish fabrics are hard to find...especially ones with a variety of shades in one print. I wanted my Cinnamon to have the depth of the spice in color...








We have been so busy around here with our Quilter's Affair Classes and the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on Saturday...lots of fun and lots of work but worth every second to get to be with all of these wonderful people - men and women, mothers and daughters...and grandmothers, best friends, old friends... it is such a special event and since I was a year and a half when all of this started I can't imagine my life without it! THANK YOU to everyone who has ever come to our classes or the show or even just put a quilt in the show you have touched my life in ways I can't describe!



Color of the Week... Salsa

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, July 03, 2014





Salsa.... makes me smile and want to do a little dance. OR eat! HAHA! We have been getting the shop ready for next weeks classes and quilt show and I am already feeling a little punchy. But it is going so good, the shop looks great our staff is amazing they work together so well and I love the energy right now.... But I am here to talk to you about SALSA... yummy red, cherry tomatoes,and gerber daisies... just a few of the possible Salsa images. This red falls on the orange side of the color wheel....This is one of those punchy colors that a little goes a long way. It also reminds me of Freddy Moran... she uses red as a neutral in her quilts....

What do you use red for? I realize that I don't use a lot of red in my quilts...I might have to push myself and try Freddy's approach to making Salsa a neutral!















Happy 4th of July to all of you...I will be working but we might get a little fun in the afternoon!



PS...Next week starts the Summer Blueprint fabrics... So excited! Good-bye spring HELLO SUMMER!!!!

Color of the Week... Robin Egg

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, June 26, 2014


Robin Egg



Kona Robin Egg Solid

Soft, subtle, warming blue.... It is not quite turquoise and not quite sky blue, Robin Egg falls in the middle.

I think it is a perfect summer blue. I am feeling summer fever around here. Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is just around the corner as well as our Quilter's Affair classes....although it does feel like June has just slipped by...time... it goes too fast. Taking time to look at what is around us is so important, looking at color, design and the beauty in the everyday.









Have an inspirational day!!




Color of the Week... Leapfrog

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, June 19, 2014





Green... Nature's Neutral as my mom always says. This time of year everything in my yard is green, even the cheat grass. Leapfrog makes me think of growth, fresh starts and long summer days.

What does Leapfrog make you think of?

Summer is here!!
Have a great day!!
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Color of the Week... Pomegranate

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, June 12, 2014



Kona Solid



Pomegranate is such a rich, bold and vibrant color. Over the years I have grown to love all pinks. I think it is my sweet little girls that have opened me to the color. I love this color in the garden...

















I found that all my Pomegranate photographs were of flowers....I am going to try to find other Pomegranate things in my life this week...

Have a great day!!



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Color of the Week... Smoke

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, June 05, 2014






Smoke is a great neutral... I love mixing warm and cool together in prints as well as in quilts. You just can't have equal parts or they compete with each other. This is one of my favorite Blueprint fabrics because I have always loved Queen Anne's Lace. When I was young my Grandma Clara and I would go out and pick wild flowers to put in a flower press to dry and then make cards. The delicate Queen Anne's Lace was perfect for flower pressing. Such a happy childhood memory! 

What is your favorite neutral?











I am inspired to use some neutrals today...

Have a Great Day!



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Valori Wells-Kennedy - Monday, June 02, 2014

I am so excited to announce my July Mystery class with Craftsy....

Come check it out......

I hope to see you in the class in July!!!

Have a great day!!!



Color of the Week... ORANGE!

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, May 29, 2014


Orange...(Kona Cotton Orange to be exact)
Apricot, Cantaloupe, Carrot, Peach, Tangerine.... YUMMY! Not just a fabulous color...
I think that designing with Orange can be a challenge. As an accent or "poison" color Orange can make or break a good design.  My mom is an amazing teacher. One of the concepts of color that she teaches her students is to have a color in your quilt that is a poison, just a little to make the other colors sing! I think that orange can be one of those colors....
I used orange in Generous to make the other colors sing...and because I like orange!!!






Have a great day!!!!

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