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Color of the Week... GIVEAWAY

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Monday, April 06, 2015


Color of the Week started with my collection of fabric, Blueprint Basics, and the desire to share my color inspiration through photography. I mixed in some Kona Cotton Solids to complete the color spectrum. The 52 weeks were split into the four seasons...

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter....

I designed a quilt for each season ending with a trip around the world quilt, Celebration, that uses all 52 pieces.


All of these quilts are free pattern downloads on Robert Kaufman...(left to right: Winter, Spring, Celebration, Summer, Autumn)


To Celebrate the Color of the Week I have 12 of these babies to give away, 52 fat 1/4's in each bundle....

To be entered in the giveaway just tell me what your favorite Color of the Week was? I will close the giveaway next Sunday night and pick 12 winners next Monday.

Thanks for your support!



Colored Happy....

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I am very excited to introduce you to Colored Happy... My quilt for the Kona 30th Anniversay.



I absolutely LOVE this quilt. Several years ago I found this magazine clipping of pillows that I thought would make a great quilt. The images has been tacked to my inspiration board ever since.



With all the 303 Kona Colors this was th perfect design to play with color. I fell in love with the new Kona solids and used them as my starting off point. The block itself is very easy to construct. It was a matter of playing with color. I choose 8 different color stories for the 25 blocks. This meant one of the color stories would have 3 blocks. I felt like this would set the balance of color just perfectly. (and I have a thing for odd numbers)

My biggest challenge Colored Happy was the is one of my favorite parts of the quilting process. There are times I run into a wall on what designs to quilt. I wanted to have the quilting add to the color and design of the quilt but not take over. With the variety of colors in the quilt how could I just pick one color to quilt with....I couldn't, so there are lots of colors in the quilting. The quilting designs are a mixture of "pebbles", curved organic shapes, and funky flowers.


The Kona 30th Anniversary Look Book....


Check out all of the beautiful quilts made by fabulous designers for the Kona 30th Anniversary Celebration.

The folks at Robert Kaufman are generously giving away Kona Charm pack with each blog posting over the 30 days. I picked the packet of new colors to give away to some lucky reader. Just leave a comment and you will go into a drawing to win this beauty....A great start to making Colored Happy. Colored Happy is a free pattern that can be downloaded from Robert Kaufman. (the give away is open for 24 hours starting at 10 a.m. pacific time Wednesday, November 19, 2014)


Have a great day!!!




Ashton Road Candy Picnic...

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ashton Road was released the end of July....for my collections to release complete I like to do a "look book" for the salesmen and women to show to shop owners when they show the fabric for the first time. The look book is full of inspirational photographs and projects. Some of the projects are free pattern downloads and others are recreated Sewing Cards. I try to come up with a theme for the photo-shoot that reflects what the fabric means to me. To get the look book to Robert Kaufman in time I receive sample yardage about 4 to 6 weeks before my deadline. That being said I try to be really prepared for the projects that need to be made and the photo-shoot. I received Ashton Road in the beginning of June. In the images below you will see all the work that goes into getting ready for a release. I have some of the most wonderful staff at the Stitchin' Post and friends that help me with all the sewing and pattern writing as well as the photo-shoots. I could not do it without them!

For Ashton Road the photos-hoot had to be with the had to be outside on a summer day. The colors in the fabric remind me of candy so we created a "candy picnic" for the kiddos. Two of my good friends helped me with the shoot. We each had cameras - perfect for three kids! It was the best day and one of the funnest photo-shoots I have ever done. The images are priceless and really express the happiness and love that created Ashton Road.


The Round-table...


My Tent...




Playtime Treehouse Quilt (free download).... made out of the flannel.








Vivi loves her Cruzin' Everyday Skirt....(new sewing card)

Bloglivskirt (1)


The Everyday Skirt pattern will be released at Fall Quilt Market.



Playtime Bikes.... out of the cotton sheeting. (free pattern download)




Urban Baby Quilt... (free pattern download) Flannel...





Three Times Around... (free pattern download) Cotton Sheeting...




This quilt is adapted from one of my patterns - The Zoey Throw.

That was our day.... lots of laughing... lots of sugar and LOTS of great photos!!!


This is my other new pattern coming out at Quilt Market, Diamond Lane.

I am doing the final touches for Quilt Market next weekend....My booth will be featuring Ashton Road... Photos to come....

Hope you have a great day!!!

Enjoy those little things in your life.... like laughing kids with lolipops!!!



PS We are working on getting all of the Ashton Road free patterns up for download by the end of Ocotber.

Color of the Week... Fuchsia

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Thursday, August 21, 2014





I love this color!!! Its so can make a quilt have a pop or play well with other strong colors. Sometimes I think about colors being people what would they be like... I think Fuchsia would wear her emotions like a badge of honor, with confidence and grace....(I strive to be more like Fuchsia)

I knew when I was looking for this color I would find lots and lots of flowers so my goal was to find a few images that were not just flowers....


Of course the Summer Bluepring Quilt is in the non flower bunch... mostly because the fabric on the right is Fuchsia Stacked Books!(Each Season of Blueprint Basics has a free quilt pattern, this is Summer)



and now for the flowers...






Have a Great Day!!!



Blueprint Basics

Valori Wells-Kennedy - Monday, March 31, 2014

I love color….

When I set out to create Blueprint Basics I made a color wheel of sorts. This was the beginning of separating the colors into seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. The designs came next. The designs in Blueprint Basics started with my sketchbook, simple drawings of inspiration. I planned the designs to mix throughout the seasons.



My swatches and strike-offs covered a section of my inspirational wall for a year. The beginning of Blueprint was also the beginning of The Color of the Week idea…. One night when I couldn’t sleep, I was so excited to create a line of basics, I started thinking about how much I photograph color. Why not connect the two and create an inspirational blog once a week for an entire year. A year of color….mixed with inspirational photography, quilts and projects.


I am so very lucky to be working with Robert Kaufman and when I presented my idea they were excited and wanted to see what I could do with the project. Thanks to them my little idea is now a reality.


Let me introduce you to Spring Blueprint Basics…..




Royal Blue








Pink Nectar







Mixed with these designs are four Kona Solids. I love to work with solids. Combining Blueprint Basics and Kona Solids was a given for this project.


Kona Solid Orange


Kona Solid Pomegranate 


Kona Solid Robin Egg 


Kona Solid White


For each season I have created a free pattern download. This is Spring...

We will be kitting this quilt at The Stitchin' Post.

Please join me starting April 10, 2014 for a year of color....

Color of the Week with Blueprint Basics and Kona Solids